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Wednesday, August 2, 2006 09:17 p.m.
Hey Kiddos, turds and squirrels...HERE ARE THE DETAILS. 1. THIS IS FRIGGIN A1 TOP SECRET STYLE. like fight club times 1000. the key is that this is a surprise dance party for our buddy lillian, and i know that some of you are not so hot at keeping secrets, which means that you are NOT even permitted to talk amongst yourselves about the party...it doesn't matter if you're sure that person is invited, and you just have to chit chat. PLEASE RESIST. I REEAEAELEALALALELALLLLY don't want lillian to find out. thanks. 2. meet at the road PAST LILLIAN's, Harper and some others will be there to meet you, and you will walk on a woods trail to lillian's, hence no cars in the driveway. this will be done at 6:45 this sunday (punctuality is KEY), and if you need to be late, simply go to lillians house (7 balch hill lane, off of wheelock) after 8:00, but NOT before, as the surprise will be ruined. 3. to bring: theme dress is ugly, so dress in something hideous, clashing, whatever. also: bring food and drink if you want to eat and drink. music will be taken care of. 4. Be Beautiful 5. I love you 6. if you have questions, please call ME at 802-765-4507, don't ask anyone else, as this could raise suspicion, or something (what does that even mean?) 7. See you there, remember not to talk to anybody, and everything should work out. love, noahegh

Wednesday, May 10, 2006 09:34 p.m.
BONFIRE DETAILS Well, here they are, the long awaited and utmost important details schmetails. I will try to keep it concise. SO far i'm failing. OK-THINGS TO BRING 1.tents-your sleeping arrangements, the more the merrrier 2.warm clothes and SLEEPING BAG 3. food and drinks, brownies are ALWAYS welcome (but seriously, the more you bring, the more there will be to eat and drink, it's math) 4. crazy outfits are highly encouraged. 4.A. presents for the host (not required, again, encouraged) 4.B. dancing shoes 5. a 5 or 10 dollar donation (or whatever you can spare) to sponsor me in the PROUTY, a bike ride/walk that i am going to do, helps fund cancer research etc. REMEMBER, this is NOT money you're giving to me, but for an excellent cause instead. please help out. SHAZ:everyone is invited to stay over tipi/tent style, and if everyone stays, it's a lot more fun (duh),and you won't have to try to find your way home. (p.s. much like hogwarts stairs, the roads change randomly at night, so don't even try to go home) DIRECTIONS:this is a long drive, and parking might get tight, so CARPOOL as much as possible. here's how to get here from Hanover: . go across bridge and straight through Norwich, continue straight without turning until you come around a curve into South Strafford.(10 miles about). You will see Coburns' General Store on your right. Continue on this road for around 2 miles, when you see a green with a large church-like building at the end of it, stay to the right of that. go about a mile, turn right onto Old City Falls Road. (there may not be a sign-it's the first right though) Go on this for about 2.5 miles (don't worry, it's supposed to turn to dirt) and turn left onto Van Dyke Rd. (again, no sign, Iíll put something there on the sign post) WHen you see Rogers Road, DO NOT go on it, stay left. If you see a big field with a white house in the corner you are on the right path, go .6 miles past the field until you see a mailbox on the left with Onofrio-Chutes written on it, #148,good luck, my # is 802-765-4507 so that's the dilly, see you on the 21st love, noer

Wednesday, May 10, 2006 06:46 a.m.

Thursday, March 7, 2002 01:20 p.m.
it's stil thusrday, that still sucks...........dots -noah



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